Hall displaying  SLR cameras , Instant poloroid cameras,  sub miniature cameras, 8 and 16 mm movie cameras,video cameras flashes and accessories


                               Room displaying  Box cameras , Twin lens cameras , folding bellows cameras  that are more that 100 years old


                                                                 Display of  vintage  sub miniature cameras or vintage spy cameras                                             


                                            Display of some cameras that were used for arealsurveillance  during  world war II


                             Extra Large format camera that was made in the 1890’s  which is 6 feet long  and

                                 3 feet   and placed on a wooden stand that allows rotation of the camera by  90 degrees. 
                              The weight of this camera is around 200 kgs.


                                                                      Wall with pics on history and celebrities and their cameras

     A very rare World War II air   force surveillance  camera  of which only a
                few thousands were made.

                                                                                                                     Selfie area in the museum